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What Separates the Thinkers from the Doers

We've all been there before - had a great idea - spent countless hours thinking about it

"This is going to great!"

Then... nothing...

Is it because you're lazy? Maybe, but in all reality you aren't lazy you're just uninterested.

Think about it, if you're a gamer when was the last time you felt "lazy" when it came to playing video games??

If you like to party and be social when was the last time you felt "lazy" when your buddy says lets go out!

Ill wait...

I can go on and on but you get the picture, find something that you are genuinely interested in and you will be surprised how far you can take an idea.

When most people think about taking a chance, they paralyze themselves thinking about all the negative things that could happen.

"What if they laugh at me?" "What if it doesn't work?" "What if its a stupid idea?"

The difference between the thinkers and the doers is that the doers go to the opposite side of the spectrum, they ask themselves "What if this is my big break" "What if I already know someone who can help me?"

The doubts are still there but instead focus is directed to the potential positive outcomes, the old adage "good things come to those who wait" is out of date.

The people who make an impact are the ones that go out and ask for what they want

If you don't ask you won't get

I recently read an article on written by Michael Thompson where he quotes Steve Jobs.

“Most people never pick up the phone. Most people never call and ask. And that’s what separates sometimes the people who do things from those who just dream about them. You gotta act. You gotta be willing to fail. You gotta be willing to crash a burn. With people on the phone or starting a company, if you’re afraid you’ll fail, you won’t get very far.”

Steve Jobs recognized the power of asking, when he was 12 years old he wanted to build a frequency counter. He didn't have the necessary parts to build it. So he did the one thing he could think of, he called the co founder of Hewlett Packard, Bill Hewlett. To Steve's surprise Bill answered the phone himself and not only offered to help Steve with the parts he needed but also gave him a summer job on the assembly line for HP. As we all know that was only the beginning for Steve Jobs.

Ask and you shall receive. Granted, not everyone is going to help you but overall the world is full of amazing people who want to help but have no idea you need it.

Opportunity comes in all different shapes and sizes but one thing that is consistent is that opportunity always comes from other people. People who most of the time would be more than happy to help if you simply ask.

At the end of the day no one is coming to save you, its up to you and only you to go after what you want.

It could be as easy as one simple phone call to get the momentum you need to get the ball rolling.

Ask yourself "who around me is moving forward" give them a call or send them an email.

Even beyond your immediate need to solve a particular problem, listening to how others approach their business or even their lives can flick on a switch in your own thinking.

If you’re shy or unaccustomed to reaching out to ask for help from fellow entrepreneurs in real-world one-on-one scenarios, find a network online.

There is a number of online communities to join, simply start by looking on google or even Facebook.

Intuit built one called the Own it Network, its a community of business owners looking to expand and grow their businesses.

There's a community of entrepreneurs on Facebook called The One Percent that I am a part of, sharing ideas and helpful advice with one another over Facebook posts.

All I know is that I don't know

You should never stop learning. Take the time to find and invest in relationships. There are plenty of people who have gone through the same thing you're going through, that have had other people help them and would love to pay it forward by helping you.

All you have to do is ask.

The 2 takes from all of this

  1. Find something that you are genuinely interested in

  2. Ask

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