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Turn Any Interest Into $10k+ Per Month with One Authority Website

Just one site can turn any interest into 10k+ per month.

That’s correct with just ONE authority website. You can pay for your life.

Sounds easy right? It is.

First off, what is an authority website?

An authority site is a content-driven website that is used as a reference, therefore getting links and traffic.

Okay, so that means it is a website that people reference back to while having a conversation with somebody else.

For example, an authority site for cars. You’re a car guy and you're talking cars with your buddy. You start talking about a cool car and your buddy says “Oh, I saw it on, go check it out.” That’s it, that is an authority website that is getting free traffic through regular conversation.

Another example could be “travel”. You want to travel but you are unsure on travel restrictions, travel requirements in this COVID-19 pandemic. So, you ask your friend and they refer you back to a website they know about that has great posts and information on the topic of travel. That is an authority website.

You do not need to be an authority in cars or travel, you don't have to be an expert, you don't even have to be a creator. You just have to be the overseer of the content that is being displayed on your site, the content needs to help or inform people on whatever space it is that they’re looking up.

First thing we need to do is get rid of the “How am I going to make money in this”

This is a slow-going process, you have to build traffic, you have to be authoritative in the topic that you choose to make your website about in order to drive traffic and links to your site.

The secret to it is

You actually have to like it. Weird right? Starting a business that you actually like. You must have a genuine interest in what it is you want your website to be about.

The reason for this is this business takes time.

I'm not talking about time from you necessarily, putting countless hours in and a lot of work. I'm talking about the time it takes for you to build an audience and traffic.

If you're going to build a website about painting but you don't like to paint, you're going to lose interest, really quick.

If you're going to build a website about sports. But you don’t really watch sports or you're not that interested in sports. The only thing you know is that a lot of people are interested in sports, it's not going to work because you are going to lose interest.

This is a process that could take one or 3 years to build, but once you start getting traffic, that’s when you can start to make money.

4 Steps to Building an Authority Website

1. Choose an interest hobby or passion that you genuinely like. (Example; travel)

2. Brainstorm 10 different pieces that are topical right now. (Example, masks at airports, different airline rules on wearing masks. 5 black owned businesses to visit next time you're in Minneapolis. 10 cities that are safe to visit during COVID-19.)

3. Brainstorm 10 money pieces that are topical for a long time. (Example, quaint towns to visit in upstate New York for your next New York visit, how to use Marriott reward points to get free upgrades.)

4. Start writing guest posts on other blogs for backlinks. This means, if you're in the travel space, look up travel blogs and write a guest post. That way, you direct traffic to your site through a link attached to that post. Thus, driving more traffic from people in that space.

There are two types of content

First type is Linkbait: Topical pages that attract media attention. (Viral content)

The next type of content is Money Pages: product reviews, keyword specific pages to sell advertising. You only need a few money pages to make a full-time income.

Actually, you only need one really good money page to pay for your life.

The next question that always seems to come up is How do I create content?

“I have no idea how to create content, how do I do it”

“I am not the best writer”

“I do not know enough about this topic to write about it”

Remember, you do not need to create your content.

Hire a writer from Upwork to take your ideas and post them.

Write your opinion on somebody else's content and post that.

Summarize multiple YouTube videos combine and post.

Interview an expert, transcribe and post.

There is a great app on iPhone and Android, called Otter App that you just talk to and it transcribes your audio into text. You could record yourself talking then edit the transcribed text and post.

There is a lot of different ways you can create content for your authority website, and these are only a few options to create all the content you could ever handle on a specific topic.

So how does all this make me money?

The way to earn money is once you have the traffic you can start to recommend products related to your topic. You can build an email list and/or you can sell advertising.

But how do you get the traffic?

Optimize keywords and SEO (search engine optimization)

Tools you will need


Is a way of tracking where you rank for keywords. Plug in any website see what keywords it ranks for, how much traffic it gets and what the chances are that it’s going to stay there where those links are coming from. There is a Free option and a paid option with a 7-day free trial.

· Google Search Console

Is the alternative to SEMrush, It is a free tool but it only shows you your own site it won’t show you your competitors stuff. It is a great way to specialize on what it is that you’re writing about.


Trends and link sources for that Linkbait type of content. You will see what other people are talking about and what other people are linking to so that you can write about similar topics.

· and/or Google Alerts

Are the same type of function. They send you alerts when people are talking about you, so that you can get in contact with those blogs and either respond or ask for a link back to your site because links are what generate the authority in googles eyes and get you that free traffic.

Real Authority website examples


The founder of Nerd Wallet was a nerd who started a blog in 2009 with $800, talking about personal finance. Now it is the #1 influential site in personal finance and is valued at $520 million. It’s a content site. Let that sink in.

Its monthly traffic is 15 million unique visitors per month and SEMrush values that at $62 million dollars of free traffic per month.


The points guy started in 2010 with $10,000 loan from his parents. All he did was start writing about points hacking and travel. About 2 years later in 2012 Red Ventures bought the website for $20 million dollars. Red ventures who owns Bank Rate who has a bunch of relationships with credit card companies gave him $20 million dollars. What?! This is the power and authority of doing this process correctly. Now gets traffic of about 3.5 million unique visitors per month.


Started by Pat Flynn after he was laid off from his job during the financial crisis. Documented his journey and his discoveries. Writing about businesses he was considering starting, what he learned along the way. Started writing about him starting a podcast, why he’s starting a podcast. Never started from a position from “I know something you don’t”. Super down to earth guy talks about Star Wars and Back to the Future. He was not the authority until he was. That’s actually how authority is built. Has a podcast a blog and a YouTube channel sharing what he’s learning. Makes 7 figures now without ever positioning himself as an expert.


1. Do you have an interest a hobby a passion a curiosity an expertise a desire to learn something new? That you genuinely enjoy learning about?

2. Do you know anyone who you could connect with in that space? (Micro-influencers, Bloggers, advertisers)

3. Brainstorm 10 content pieces that would be fun and make them.

4. Track your keywords via SEMrush or Google Search Console

That's it. That is the blueprint to building an Authority Website.

I would love to hear from you and the progress you make or if you have any questions about any of this you can send me an email at

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