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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As the pandemic continues to cripple businesses, brands and the economy a lot of people have faced a financial crisis forcing millions on Unemployment. This has proven to be quite traumatic for most people.

In this case, where either you have been rendered unemployed or laid off, you would have to reason and try to work out ways through which you could pay bills, put food on your table and meet other financial needs.

With so many articles offering “101 ways to make easy money online” or “10 side hustles to make you rich” it could be discouraging to open yet another article.

These are just proven ways to make a bit of extra money online through some tough times. In situations like this, it is advisable to search and make do with other sources of income.

Here are seven 7 ways to earn money online during a pandemic

Online Tutoring

In the nations case of lockdown, organizations and schools have been shut down. Most schools have switched to an online platform and for some parents the switch has been hard to adjust to.

Parents are struggling to manage work and taking the place of their kids’ teacher, especially those in middle school and high school whose subjects are more demanding than in younger grades.

At this rate, online tutors are in high demand, those with a wide range of expertise are essential to students like Mathematics, English, Biology, Calculus, History, and more.

Wyzant helps tutors of all types to connect with students who need their services.

TutorMe enlists subject matter experts to tutor kids–grade school to college age–in 300 different subjects.

These are only a couple of places where you could sign up to do online tutoring and earn extra cash in these troubling times.

Gig websites

The Gig-website economy has opened a great deal of opportunity for freelancers. Creating hundreds of intriguing jobs for you to complete from home to earn money.

Gig websites provide jobs that vary from proofreading, copywriting, coding, graphic design, social media management, consultant, video editing, customer service and so on.

There are several websites where you can create your own profile, listing your various skills that match you with people looking for certain jobs.

Here are just a few; fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, Gigster and Taskrabbit.

Merch by Amazon

One of the best and simplest ways to sell physical products online is through Print on Demand. This means you offer a design, and Amazon takes care of printing, shipping, and customer support.

Merch by Amazon is the platform I would highly recommend for getting started with POD, because it’s very user friendly and extremely popular. I mean, who hasn’t shopped on Amazon once or twice, emmiright?

To sell on Merch, all you need are a few creative ideas and some software to create your design.

There are so many designing apps out there, accessible for computers and also for smartphones.

Some free and popular programs are GIMP, Stencil, and WordRabbit.

Online Survey taking

Taking surveys online has gotten a bad rap over the years. Who hasn’t taken an online survey though?

At this point in time I think it's safe to say that most of us have done one of those pesky survey at one time or another, but did you know you could make a little bit of money taking those surveys?

Emphasis on “a little bit” but hey, it's still money and its very simple to do. All you have to do is provide your opinion, which I think its safe to say we all have one of those.

The only difficult part is finding a company that will pay you top cheddar for your opinion, Survey Savvy is the company I would recommend if you are so inclined to go this route.

They consistently provide surveys that pay out $1, $2 and up to $5 price range.


This is also an excellent means of making money while at home. It is similar to online surveys but its crossed with website user testing.

What it means is that you are assigned a task, that normally involves evaluating a website. You go through the site and are screen recorded or video recorded or both.

As you walk through the website, they want you to act as the customer and explain your thought process. You really have to "think out loud", answering questions and explaining your experience.

The reason I’m Including this company is because the payout is $10 for every study with each study taking between 10-20 minutes.

Write for Medium

If you’re like me and enjoy writing you can start writing a blog for

This strategy takes a little more dedication but if you have a passion and like writing about it you could sign up for the medium partner program and submit your posts on the platform.

Make sure your content is engaging enough to bring traffic through the more traffic your content attracts the more money you could potentially make.

You love dancing? Get paid to Dance

In this time of viruses taking over the world and everybody staying at home it can be difficult to go out and be social.

This idea is a little more "non-typical"

But if you like to dance and are not to shabby, instead of renting out a space and opening a dance studio you can record yourself dancing.

Create your own YouTube channel and start an Instagram page to increase your number of followers and monetize your YouTube channel.

This could take some time to build up and get a big enough audience for you to get enough views to get paid but if you love to dance this could potentially be a fun and easy way to make extra cash.

These are just a few ways and ideas to make some extra cash during these trying times, bottom line is you can make money multiple ways and in this day and age of this thing we call the internet the opportunities are seemingly limitless. Hope this helps and remember to stay safe.

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